Open Atelier Day

 On July 11th, at Guido Gezellelaan 20, where I rent my studio, together with 7 other artists who have studios in the same building, we will be hosting an open door day. Everyone is welcome!

I am really excited about this event. The people I share this old school building with are all exceptional artists. When you come to see our works you will see the diversity in themes, materials, techniques and styles. Each artist has a unique viewpoint and a different interpretation of the world we live in. Also, they are really nice people to be around :) I am lucky to have a studio in the same building with them, where I can freely draw and paint and have a constant source of inspiration and motivation from the interaction.

When you come to our open day, you will have a chance to meet all the artists, see our studios and ask us questions you may have. You can also see how we work, and of course, the result of that work: our art. Moreover some artists will be giving demonstrations, workshops and readings so it will be a day full of activities. We will all be there from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

So, in short, you are all welcome to visit us on July 11th. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!


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