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Reading about the Armenian genocide is not at all an easy task. I keep reading about places I know, places I have been to, places I walked on without knowing that thousands had been murdered there. I have to stop every now and then to go out for a walk or open the window the let in some cool air to calm myself down. I also feel more irritable and have less tolerance for silly jokes that target groups of people or cash on stereotypes.
It feels like there is so much hatred in this world.
I think the more I read topics on sociology and history, the more I understand people and their motives. They are selfish and predictable. Animals driven with simple instincts. That gives one a strange sense of calmness, it is like coming to terms with human stupidity. You would then expect that it should not be news that there is so much hatred around-since that too is to be expected from our species. Nonetheless there is also so much good and greatness; like in music, harmony, in arts, in literature, and all of it is going to waste!
A fragile and gentle person such as Komitas is wasting away somewhere on this world, at this very moment. This alone is the biggest tragedy.
Komitas, gouache on watercolor paper, 2016 -  Sevgul Sumer Dielemans

As I keep reading, I keep sketching too, these days all I draw is about him and his music.
Anyways, here is a bibliography (in English) I would like to share; the first 6 are sources mentioned at the website: Komitas Virtual Museum where you can find more information on his life and works.
  1. Atayan R. - Komitas. 100-th anniversary of Komitas. New York, 1969.
  2. Komitas Vardapet - Presents the life and songs of Komitas. New York.
  3. Komitas Vardapet - Rethor of modern Armenian music. New York, 1957.
  4. Poladian S. - Armenian folk songs. Los Angeles, 1942.
  5. Poladian S. - Komitas Vardapet and his contribution to Ethnomusicology. California, 1972.
  6. Soulahian-Kuyumjian R. - Archeology of Madness Komitas. New Jersey, 2001 (ordered this one from Gomidas Books, great selection of books and very friendly service!)
  7. Karakashian Meline - Komitas (1869-1935), victim of the Great Crime. 
  8. Andonian Aram - Exile, Trauma and Death-On the way to Cankiri with Komitas Vartabed. London 2012 (ordered this one from Gomidas Books, great selection of books and very friendly service!)
  9. Balakian Grigoris - Armenian Golgotha. New York 2009 (limited information about Komitas but gives a detailed first hand account of the 1915 deportation)


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