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in search for Komitas -1

detail from  a sketch I made in my moleskine, on the train, while listening to Komitas, 2016 - Sevgul Sumer Dielemans I am still busy gathering resources, books, articles, cd's, anything I can get that can give me more information about Komitas.While I wait for these orders to arrive I am reading about the historical background of the times he lived in, and of course, Balakian's book (where Komitas is mentioned a couple times as well). Enjoy his music in the meantime, for I definitely do:

new blog entry, new book

I confess, I am a lousy blogger. I owe a lot to this blog actually. Thanks to it, I made new friends, I made new discoveries, I even found clients! I neglect it and do not write often but maybe I should just accept this as a fact and move on. I may even have written exact same words before and do not remember. Anyways, today was the anniversary of Hrant Dink's murder. A very painful memory... If you do not know what I am talking about here is the wikipedia link where you can read more about him and his assassination. Today, taking today's meaning for me in account, I decided to start reading a book that I had for a while now, but kept postponing reading it: Grigoris Balakian's Armenian Golgotha. Here is how I came across this book: Some time ago I took an interest in the works and life of Komitas Vartabed, Armenian musician and pioneer of ethnomusicology . At first I was only interested in his work but then I came across his biography and found out that he was one