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So, to keep myself active in the game, i rejoined some of my old ATC groups. For those who do not know what ATC is, here is a brief explanation on wiki . The theme of this month was "in the style of your favorite artist". So i made a tiny watercolor in the style of Ivan Gantschev, my favorite children's book illustrator. I really wish I could meet him. He is from Bulgaria but is living in Germany for many years now. I think in Berlin. Anyways, here is my tiny ATC, first one of 2012. I missed making them :) I hope the person I will be sending this ATC to will not see it yet. I like the element of surprise in mailart and ATC's.  Anyone up for a trade?

More over Alia Rachmanova

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. What made me want to write again are the reactions i still have been getting for my two blog entries about Alia Rachmanova ( Alja Rachmanowa and It arrived! ). Apparently there are several people on the internet desperately searching for more information about her. Here is the little information I have in my hands about this interesting woman. I hope it will be helpful to someone :) Meantime, you can find her books (mostly in dutch and german though) in second hand bookshops. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find them anywhere else :( The following text is a compilation from the article "Alja Rachmanowa" published in the Flow magazine in Dutch. Thank you Flow, if you did not publish that article I could never learn about this extraordinary woman! Hope you do not mind my translation :P The Russian writer Alia (Alexandra) Rachmanowa (1898-1991) became world-famous with the wonderful trilogy “Love in the Red