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quick post regarding Verdi

Vlaams Symfonisch Orkest will be performing Verdi's Requiem in Antwerpen, Geel and Rosendaal(Holland) and I will be sitting on my chair in the second violins of course :). I can arrange tickets for those who wish to come to the Antwerp concert, but for the other two, the ticket sales are done online. Here is the link : Meantime I am happy to announce my career change: I have decided to become a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. i am determined, nothing can stop me, not even the fact that I do not own an electric guitar (or that i do not know how to play one-yet). I will go practice some chords now on Bas's acoustic guitar, and start saving for an electric one. all i need to do after that is to shine like a real rockstar :) oh the sweet taste of midlife crisis!