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today i am feeling a bit homesick. i had a nice chat with An before the class started. It was freaking cold, but standing in the fresh air with a friend and sharing our thoughts about the future was nice. I thought how similar we are, humans, in our problems... i don't have time to translate this, but let's hope the french is understandable... mignon was my favorite character since my childhood years. i associated myself with her, and believed that it waited for me too, le pay ou fleurit l'orager.... Connais-tu le pays où fleurit l'oranger? Le pays des fruits d'or et des roses merveilles, Où la brise est plus douce et l'oiseau plus léger, Où dans toute saison butinent les abeilles, Où rayonne et sourit, comme un bienfait de Dieu, Un éternel printemps sous un ciel toujours bleu! Hélas! Que ne puis-je te suivre Vers ce rivage heureux d'où le sort m'exila! C'est là! C'est là que je voudrais vivre, Aimer, aimer et mourir! C

And now for something completely different...

wow, two blog entries in one day, a personal record! maar het is de moeite waard voor my dearies in Flemishland :) Here is your chance to see and hear a wonderful spectacle! Verdi's Requiem, brought to you by, Vlaams Symfonisch Orkest! (where i am ruining the harmony with my violin) Here is some information about what this work is all about and here is the ticket information... and here is a loud piece from the Requiem, enjoy and be there for more ;p