June 3, 2014

Illustrator of the day: Luce Lagarde

I spent my childhood in Turkey in the early 80's and by then children's books were not so many in number. Luckily I had a nice library of books since I had an elder sister, and my parents never said no when I asked for a new book.
I loved books, the illustrated books and comics the most. I used to read my favorites over and over and some illustrations and images would stuck with me forever. Luce Lagarde's illustrations are some of them.
By then I did not know Lagarde's name (also the publishers of those days usually did not include the name of the illustrators of foreign translations) but I had several fairy tales collections illustrated by her. They were small books as I recall and the printing quality was very poor but I loved them. I remember holding those books very close to my nose and trying to dive into their world. I never ever forgot them.
Years later, as my interest in children's books illustration intensified following my art education I set out to collect works by my favorite illustrators of my childhood. It is a hard task since all I have are images in my mind. Some are easy to find since they became vintage classics and some are just plain impossible. Needless to say I go through millions of images online and visit as many second hand shops as I can in order to hunt down some of these wonderful artists.
I am happy to tell that I now own three books illustrated by Luce Lagarde in my library and one more is on its way! Yaay! Unfortunately I do not have any information about her and her life. Any help on this subject would be much appreciated!
Here are some of her illustrations for you to enjoy!

Snow Queen

Little Red Riding Hood

Les Aventures de Claudinet

Les Aventures de Claudinet

Le Plus Elegant des Canetons

Le Plus Elegant des Canetons

The Little Mermaid

The Shepherdess and The Chimney Sweep

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Das Politb├╝ro said...

Dag lief Punkdametje!
Bedankt om deze verzameling kinderboekillustraties met ons te delen.
Kus en heel veel liefs,