April 28, 2013

A local arts and crafts fair...

Yesterday I and my friend Aliya have been to a local arts and crafts fair in Wommelgem. It is a small town not too far from where we are living. I have managed to sell two paintings plus some of the small wooden boxes i had painted. On this post you can see three of them.

It was nice being "out there" after a long period of seclusion. Chatting with other artists, discussing technique and materials, seeing their works, answering the questions of people who in exchange gave me very nice compliments and such. But i think the most fun part was being with my best friend Aliya. I hadn't seen her for weeks because she was on a ski vacation in France during the easter break. It was great being there with her, giggling and  talking and basically just sharing the day with  her. On the way back, her husband Dmitry came to pick us up and joined in the fun. It was such a fun day that despite the small eye infection i had, and the sunburn (who could guess that one could get sunburn in Belgium in april??) i have no complaints. Bas was so happy and proud when i got back. He is my biggest support and always encourages me to take my work out there. I am lucky to have him and my wonderful family that never leaves me alone even when i am on the other side of the world.

I have decided to take part in other fairs as well. Here is an overview of where you can catch me:

@ Lambermontmartre, the arts fair of our lovely south Antwerp, at the Lambermontplaats on every last sunday of the month from may till september, (May 26, June 30, July 28, August 25, September 29)

and @Kunst.Anna, the famous beach of Antwerp, the Sint-Anneke beach, on every first sunday of the month, from june till september, (May 5, June 2, July 7, August 4 and September 1)

Meanwhile Aliya has made wonderful stuff for the fair. She is a true magician that can turn any material into a work of art. My favorite one of all the things she made were the "sketch bags". A must for any artists that loves to sketch on the go! They are small shoulder bags made to house a sketchpad and pens/pencils. I am lucky for she agreed to give me one of them! yaay! I will make a picture of it, or even better, link to her blog once she puts the pictures of these bags online!