January 4, 2011

It arrived!

My book arrived! Yay! Unfortunately this is only the second part of the diaries (of Alya Rachmanova), the part about her marriage in Russia, ending with her exile. Anyways, i am looking forward to reading this interesting diary I came across in such an adventurous way :) It is a lovely book as far as the binding goes as well. Old school leather binding. The book was probably in some library once and was at some point discharged.
It is classified under "romance" but i am hoping to find more than romance in these diary pages ;p and something  in me says i won't be disappointed. we will see...
This was my dream you see... When I was a kid, due to some local dynamics I was in, I had so much trouble finding the books and albums I wanted. And by then I used to dream of heaven as a place where all information was accessible to everyone. In times like this I feel like I am in heaven :) Yaaay I found a rare book! or so it feels...
By the way, to all my friends bugging me with comments and emails, my sketches are coming soon ;)

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Das Politb├╝ro said...

Dag mijn zeer lieve Sevi,
Je hebt me zeer verblijd met je wensen. Zoveel van mij terug. Eveneens bedankt dat je June aanmoedigt. Ze maakt inderdaad prachtige foto’s.
Ik wacht nu geduldig op nieuwe Sevi-tekeningen, Sketches!
Kusjes en heel veel liefs,

PS: Je profilfoto prikt nu bij 'Google zoeken' tussen de portretten van Alja Rachmanowa.
Zo wordt je Blog, en je zelf, wereldberoemd!